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Welcome to Gridiron Queensland

This is the wiki for the non-profit organisation Gridiron Queensland.


Gridiron Queensland has three separate divisions.

Sponsors and Supporters[edit]

About Gridiron Queensland[edit]

The GQ Administration is managed by a committee elected by the GQ Members

Charity Bowl[edit]

The annual Charity Bowl day kicks off the season each year with a show case charity game and the first game of the year for each division. The Ghosts of Gridiron team is formed by veterans and 'retired' players of gridiron.

State Teams[edit]

Gridiron Queensland state teams are below.

Ghosts of Gridiron[edit]

See main article Ghosts of Gridiron. The Ghosts of Gridiron are veteran and retired players who come together for an exhibition Charity Bowl game at the start of the football season.


The Gridiron Queensland Official Association officiate all Gridiron Queensland Games.

Beyond Queensland[edit]

As with other codes of football, Gridiron Queensland is creating national and international football players. Players from the Gridiron Queensland have represented Australia with Gridiron Australia, played college football in America and even the pinnacle of of professional Gridiron the NFL.

The following players got their first start in the sport playing for a club in the Gridiron Queensland competition.


Simon Groth (Gold Coast Stingrays) - QB/WR - Eureka College (Il) and University of Central Arkansas (Ak) - 1988-89

Geoff Hiddleston (Gold Coast Stingrays) - DL - Northeast Missouri State University (Mo) - 1990-93

Paul Louma (Gold Coast Stingrays) - DL - Santa Barbara CC (Ca) and Oregon State University (Or) - 1996-99

Jesse Williams (Bayside Ravens) - DL - Arizona Western CC (Ar) and University of Alabama (Al) - 2009-12

Deek Kanther (Bayside Ravens) - RB - Alfred State College (Ny) - 2011-13

Elijah Pati (Bayside Ravens) - DL - Snow College (Ut) - 2012

Lance Tongakilo (Gold Coast Stingrays) - TE - Pasadena City COllege (Ca) and Cerritos College (Ca) - 2012-2014

Joel Maddock (Bayside Ravens) - DL - Arizona Western CC (Ar) - 2013-14

Tim O'Donnell - LB - Pima CC (Ar) - 2014

Cornelius Botha - RB - University of Sioux Falls (Sd)- 2014

Dylan Harrison (Bayside Ravens) - OL - Bowling Green University (Oh) - 2014


Jesse Williams (Bayside Ravens) - DL - Seattle Seahawks 2013-14